First Amendment

I posted something online and people started trolling me, saying really horrible things, trying to get me to say something that would get me in trouble.

I put up a post online that stated my opinion about something political. People, including people I don't know, started responding with accusatory and rude comments. Some of these comments seemed designed to get me to reply in a way that could be used against me after I said it.


The most important thing you can do in this situation is recognize when you are being baited or provoked. You should not feel that you have to respond to every message or comment you receive on any social media platform. You have the right to disengage: ignore messages designed to provoke you; disable comments; limit access; or close accounts. Trust your instinct when you might be worried about something you say being used for purposes you can’t control. Here is a good test to use if you are worried about what you say: would you feel comfortable sharing your perspective in-person, in a job interview?

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